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New Profile Posts

  1. skipper
    skipper NeoCHI
    hi..how i could help for this site. im not really good with analysis game but current at rp 9000 this season.nick in game ($)Skip! im actived player but just do normal strategy in game
  2. Chuperman
    Chuperman NeoCHI
    Hello! I can help with the page if you are looking for help :) I don't think anyone else grinds in-game as much as I do :) i am at 15.3k points and top 125 in leaderboard. In-game name is "chuperman". thank you in advance.
    1. NeoCHI
      That would be great. Any guides or informative responses to threads are invaluable right now for the forum!
      Aug 16, 2018
  3. WoahChuck1
    WoahChuck1 NeoCHI
    Hello. I've written a bunch of strategy articles on reddit regarding the power of 2 color decks. I'd be more than willing to repost them here (with some updates). I'm currently 8200 Rating Points and in the top 700 global.
    1. NeoCHI
      That sounds great. Please do!
      Aug 14, 2018
  4. Joe
    Higher State of Mind
  5. Sunshine
  6. LIT
    Still has the new forum smell
  7. LegoMyPhone
    Time to go super saiyan!
  8. Shenron