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Bardock in RRG (repost from reddit)

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by WoahChuck1, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. WoahChuck1

    WoahChuck1 New Member

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    ***Bardock in RRG: Best deck in the format?***

    RRG Stands for Red/Red/Green, referring to the color of the units

    For months I've been piloting my RRG Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo deck to BR 50 in the PVP servers. While there were always some speedbumps along the way, I consistently grinded out at least a 70% win rate which I was more than content with. The deck ran smoothly, I was winning a lot, and I personally enjoyed the characters in my deck.

    Flash forward to August 2018: The release of Bardock

    I was immediately skeptical on the viability of the entire banner. Blue Frieza and Green Bardock? We already have Broly and Piccolo who will ***NEVER*** be replaced; best save my gems for something else.

    But then the posts started coming...

    700k hp... 800k hp... 900k hp...

    It didnt matter though. RRG already had Piccolo and he was more capable of fulfilling his role of healing, blocking RR, and countering blue. Bardock can't replace the best card in the game, *can he*?

    Then I started thinking of some of Piccolos shortcomings in the deck:

    - 0 Z ability synergy
    - Mediocre firepower
    - Increasing purple in the metagame
    - Equipment which literally reads "+ damage to Piccolo"

    After a day of debate I decided to give Bardock a test run. 50,000,000 Crystal's and one kidney sold later, I finally pulled a Bardock and got to leveling. Thankfully I had a billion green souls from the Raditz event so it just took a few of grinding 1-5-6 Hard. Last night, after hundreds of grueling victories, I said goodbye to my friend Piccolo and played my first game ever with Bardock.

    I won by a landslide

    Same in game 2

    Same in games 3-10

    Same in games 11-27

    ***It took 27 games at BR 50 for me to lose with Bardock in the lineup***

    Bardock simply offers everything the deck was missing: more Z synergy, better play vs Purple, and a dagger in the heart of Blue. Let's take a look at the entire deck:

    WoahChuck1's RRG

    Opener: SP R SS Vegeta
    2 and 3: SP G Bardock and SP R SS Goku
    Bench: EX R Vegeta, EX B Raditz, SP B Goku

    Vegeta boosts:

    102% Strike attack (82% after 20 counts)
    65% Strike Defense
    17% HP

    Goku Boosts:

    82% Strike attack
    65% Strike defense
    17% HP

    Bardock Boosts:

    41% Strike attack
    24% Strike defense
    17% HP
    20% Ki recovery
    30% Strike when alone
    35% Strike when an enemy dies
    (Potential 181% strike with main ability)

    The strike defense (most common attack) and HP of all of your units is great given the boosts, but the strike attack stat is through the roof. *** The best part is Goku and Bardock both have 2 strike art cards putting 8 strike art cards in the deck!***

    The strategy is simple: Goku and Vegeta, given all their boosts, simply outclass any unit in the game that isn't blue. ***While a team of Broly, Piccolo, and 17 may look scary, these cards offer no boosts to each other and easily get overpowered by your synergy.***

    When they have blue just switch to Bardock, switch lock them, and use a strike combo instantly killing any blue unit in the game. Once their Blue is gone theres nobody left that can compete with the Super Sayains. The only way you can really lose is bad luck on rising rushes, bad decisions on rising rushes, or running into that occasional player who seems to defy the laws of vanishing gauge.

    I'm currently +90% win rate with this lineup, 8167 rating points, and 643 in the rankings.

    Feel free to post and questions, comments, or criticisms. I'm always looking to help and even improve myself. If you want to watch me beat up people on Twitch feel free to follow me @ WoahChuck1

    Good luck everyone!
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  2. Shenron

    Shenron Divine Dragon

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    as a tank, maybe but even the new Krillin shows healing will be balanced better than Dokkan.

    Nice my friend, I'll grant you a wish someday:)
  3. DigDug

    DigDug New Member

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    the new SP Goku looks good son.

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