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New Site development

Discussion in 'Forum Events and Announcements' started by Shenron, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Shenron

    Shenron Divine Dragon

    Likes Received:
    You have been sent a link to this post as a content creator for DBL
    on YouTube. I have not considered who, may be best or more popular,
    I feel, all you content creators are important to the growth of DBL.


    I hope to enlist you and quite a few other Dragon Ball Legends YouTube content
    creators in starting a PVP site surrounding the game. I have been an Administrator
    for a few forums around many app games for the past two or three tears, starting with
    Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I helped staff and design a few of these type, the latest
    is Dragonball Legends.

    In short, I hope to enlist many DBL Youtube creators in developing this forum into a mostly
    DBL PVP site. I have the owners consent to change over the site with this in mind, using your
    ideas and help to grow the DBL reach.

    I want to make clear, I will help develop the site with you, by allowing mod controls and sections that highlight with links to all your social media DBL and promote your live streams and design on forum contests to promote your sites growth.

    Why would I do this?
    I have been a player three weeks into the release, I understand that content creators like you
    maintain game growth and without what you do and a large , play and play membership, the game fades or fails. I dont Youtube and never do what you people do. To give you an idea, I am older than Mister Metokur , lol at least I know who he is……

    Bottom Line, The site will get a chat room and re design to boost interest. I can even use your
    fan art on site as a reward to your subscribers, I want to do things like this to help the game I like to play.

    I will leave links below to show what sites I worked on and you can check for yourself. I can explain all of this better over Phone, Skype or e mail , if you are interested.
    In the end I get NO money for ads , as I dont own the site, BUT the owner gives me huge access to develop things that benefit members. I know , you guys are busy as it is, and have no reason to think this will not be worth anything.but as a combat vet with three adult off spring, I never give my time to any endeavor as a worthless enterprise.

    I was Admin here, quit about six months ago:

    This is one of the most popular sites the owner has:

    e-mail wolfio182@gmai.com
    I am Wolf of the waste on Reddit and Youtube.

    My word is my great asset excluding my children and I know at the very least a boost to your
    Youtube channels must be worth something and I will work to make that happen. all my posts
    are still up in my past forums and you may read those and see for yourself.

    Think big , Dream big use them Dragon Balls
    ( come on thats funny )


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